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Time to Question the Traditional Advice Others Have Given You

What’s In A Number

Deciding how much to save for a given event can feel like pulling a number out of a hat. Over time everything changes: markets ebb, costs rise, goals fluctuate. There is a better way to plan that doesn’t involve predicting the future. Learn a better way to plan for:

  • Your retirement
  • College expenses
  • Your premature death

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Trying To Get Ahead May Put You Behind

Many people assume that once you retire and your children have grown you can eliminate life insurance. Just the opposite is true. Life insurance can, and should, play a key role in your overall retirement planning.

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The Fairy Tale Called  Risk=Reward

Have you been told that in order to grow your wealth you have to accept financial risk? You don’t. You can get ahead without putting everything you’ve worked hard for at risk.

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The Complete 401(k) Picture

Many Americans have struggled financially due to their “over reliance” on their 401(k) strategy. Following the standard advice to always “max out” their 401(k) contributions…they have placed all of their eggs in that basket while often ignoring other important financial issues.

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It’s More Than You Think

A recent shopping spree lands you a new 50” plasma TV ($2,100) and an iPad2 ($699) to boot. What a day! Total cost…? If you said $2,799, think again. Find out how much all those “little” purchases in your life are really costing you.

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15 Financial Rules To Live By

The 15 Financial Rules are a checklist for our uncommon approach to financial thinking.

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